Q: Stall during downshift. on 1998 Dodge Dakota

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98 Sport with a V6mag. 5spd manual. 177K on it. Runs fine and stay running is I depress clutch into the stop. If I try to downshift to slow down the engine stalls. I notice coming to a stop today the RPMs in second gear hit 3000 then it stalled and I needed to crank it over.

I replace the idle air control and PCV. Seem to run good for 15 minutes or so then started doing it again. The check engine light is not on. Any suggestions.
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Possible cause for your intermittent stalling is a dirty throttle body bore.A measures amount of air (Minimum Air Flow) must pass through the throttle plates in order for you IAC to adjust idle speed. If the bore is ditry, limiting air flow at closed throttle, the IAC cannot compensate fast enough and the engine stalls. Remove your air intake from the throttle body, open the throttle (engine off) and look down the bore with a light. If you see black sooty buildup on the bore and throttle plates, clean it with Throttle Body Cleaner. Spray a small amount of cleaner in the throttle bore and wipe with a rag wrapped around your finger. Repeat untill clean. Do the same on the throttle plates. This should help with the stalling.
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