Q: srs light on 2006 Toyota Tacoma

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Hello , I just recently changed my serpentine belt,did my coolant,plugs etc.. About 2 days after I did this my srs light came on and might stay off for a minute or two after starting but comes back on and stays on ..I had charging system checked because I thought maybe a loose belt could throw a code. that was fine. It may just be a coincidence with 95000 mi.. the toyota tacomas are kind of known for having problems with the seat belt tensioner which will cause the srs light to come on..Anyone have any ideas( do you think maybe some fluid from the coolant flush could have damaged front sensors) thanks ps the horn works so its probably not the module in the steering wheel...i guess
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You need to have a scan tool attached to the 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash (same socket as the engine codes are read from). If the light keeps coming on then codes will be stored in the computer in your car indicating where the fault is. I don't think it is related to any thing you had done.