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Q: SRS-Airbag Service Urgent message on 1999 Volvo S80

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Dealer says found configuration fault codes in SRS module. Recommends "reload to module". If this does not clear message will have to replace SRS module for approximate cost of $925.00.
Is this a common problem and is there a more reasonable solution?
I just checked to see if Volvo had any recall or Technical Service Bulletin regarding SRS for your car but there are none. The Control module is in the center console/ handbrake area. I have seen on other cars the module become damaged if coffee or soda has spilled on the module. What Volvo says makes sense to try to get the module to reprogram and if that fails replace it. The dealer will only replace it with a new module. Are there any independent Volvo specialist shops in your area that have Volvo compatible scantool and reprogramming equipment? If so there are several companies that refurbish SRS and ABS control modules for European cars that may be a cheaper alternative to the "new" Volvo module.
Hi Patrick, I have a 2004 S80. My SRS urgent light doesn't come on until I go to start the car then, the car just clicks when I turn the key. It runs finel we stop and shut it off. The headlights are bright as usual but, the interior functions of the car don't work such as; the remote door unlock/lock and trunk opener, interior lights, door chime, seat adjustment controls. When I turn the key, the dash lights come on with that message then it quickly goes off with only the check engine light on. This car has done this 5 times now. Luckily it has died each time in our driveway. It did reset one time from disconnecting the battery. When I brought it to the dealer, they claimed the wire on the starter needed cleaning up...that was 2 weeks ago and my car is now dead in the garage AGAIN! I hope you can shed some light on this and thanks for your time
Get your battery checked first. It is not module or battery terminal. you can go to Performance Auto or Autozone; they will check your battery for free. Once you replace battery SRS code will have to be reset by one of the BSR meter or general resetting (Position 1, hold button then position II for few seconds kind of thing) has worked for some people but not for me.
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