Q: squicking sounds on 1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

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hi i have a mighty max truck, i changed the tires into a bigger size, ever since then it always makes a very irritating squeaky sound, i havent put grease in it yet, the balljoints, steering rod, stabilizers, no grease yet, could grease be the answer or there's something else wrong with it,could it be the axle drive or the stabilizers? pls do answer my question, thnks, email me at
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Without a doubt noises are the hardest things we are asked to find and fix. There can be many things that cause noises. If the noise started after installing bigger tires, first put the old tires back on and see if the noise disappears. If it does, the offset of the rims or tire diameter can be the cause. If the noise is still there, rule out the tire changeover as the cause.
Stop by and we'll go for a ride and make a suggestion. That is the easiest way to help figure it out.
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