Q: Squealing from engine after it has rained on 2006 Honda Civic

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My car has been making a squealing noise from the engine compartment after it rains. The squealing is louder when I press on the gas. The weird thing is that once I get up to speed (40mph or higher), the squealing stops and doesn't come back, at least not until it rains again.

I should include that I live in an apartment and my car is parked outside, all the time. I haven't had any warning lights or other alarms go off to indicate that something is wrong. I also recently had the water pump replaced because it suddenly started making a horrific clanking noise after I had my car washed about a month ago (thankfully this didn't cost me a dime, since the pump was repaired almost a year ago from a recall). My current problem (the squealing) started AFTER I got the water pump replaced, so could that be the issue?
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Ive been wondering the same thing about mine doing that too. It sounds like a bunch of crickets under my hood. but yeah it eventually stops until it rains again, an I guess i really never thought about the water pump so maybe ill look into getting that replaced. I thought it was a belt that gets wet n causes the irritating/embarrassing sound.
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