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Q: squealing and thumping sound (like a belt hitting something) my husband drove on 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

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About a mile down the road to the gas station and on the way back the car wouldn't go over 20 mph, still shifts to park reverse, 1, 2, 3 but makes a squealing or squeaking sound like metal rubbing metal, and thumping similar to the sound one of my previous cars made when the serpentine belt cracked and was hitting the inside of the hood but different because it isn't a hollow sound like a hood makes but deeper. No service or check engine lights on please help. Thank you!!
yes of course the hood has been opened to see if we could see what's wrong but nothing looks different than it did before. The sound is also intermittent and will squeal and thunk for a few minutes and then stop for a minute and then return again.
Maybe you would , maybe you wouldn't be surprised by the amount of people that DON'T open the hood to look , they just want a miracle answer! So thanks for straightening that out. Next would be to narrow down the more specific conditions that aggravate the symptom(s)Any sign of overheating? Worse when cold start or after it warms up? Noise present whether it is in drive or neutral or park? Belt removed , same thing?
it isn't worse or better from anything. If you start it it makes the sound immediately, then will stop for a minute after like two minutes then the noise will start again. It didn't overheat and had no problems previously. It was just driven a mile down the street and on the way back wouldn't shift over 20 MPH and started making the sounds. I'm pretty sure the noise is present regardless of if its in drive park etc because my husband said he shifted it in park drive 1 2 3 etc. He also said itstalled 3 or 4 times in our driveway when he got it back to our house (we have a long driveway) when he got it back and parked it t dumped a river of some kind of fluid everywhere but I couldn't tell what it was.
The fluid part of your reply doesn't sound good! Might be time for a tow to a shop you trust (hopefully you have one of those).Sorry can't be of more help.
Hello talking about the serpentine belt, I been having a problem, I haha a 1995 pontiac sunfire 2.2 motor the was a little noise on the alternator, I spray with wd40 and the belt came off I put the belt back and came back off, so I get a new belt next day o crank it up and 5 minutes later the belt off ,start making a bad noise and it was the power steering pump, I replaced the pump, I got a new belt 15 second later off again, people said it could be the tensioner but I don't know, I need help
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