Q: squeaking of brakes on 2006 BMW 530xi

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just had new sensor and new pads and rotors cleaned a couple of days ago. Had new rotors on rear two weeks ago. Still a slight squeaking noise..any ideas if this will go away in time? thanks
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sometimes the squeaking will go away as the pads and rotors break in, but next time try ceramic pads as they are suppose to be squeak free, I just installed those on my wifes SUV and it solved the squeaking on her vehicle.
Hi, thanks for your prompt answer..we had ceramic pads on our last vehicle and they "squeaked" with those type, also. we had better luck with the non-ceramic type.
I have a 2006 530xi. The brakes used to squeak. The BMW Maintenance Manager gave me a tip. He said to go to a large open parking lot. Put the car in Reverse. Go pretty fast in reverse and slam on the brakes. He said that doing this removes brake dust from a rarely used portion of the rotors that causes the squeak. It worked.
thank you very much for husband did that going forward and (knock on wood) it hasn't done it since...will try it in reverse if the squeak comes back, though..