Q: Squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel either left or right all the way? on 2002 Volvo S60

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When turning the steering wheel left or right there is a squeaking noise. Sounds like it is coming from the steering column. Noise is there there when driving and sitting still. Any ideas and is this a common concern?
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I've seen a couple things cause a squeak from these steering columns.
There is a rubber boot and bearing that seals the steering shaft where it goes through the firewall, make sure the boot is secured properly.
Make sure the steering column cover is secured properly and not rubbing on the steering wheel.

I ran into a similar situation with a small pickup. What I found was that the electrical pin for the horn and the contact ring under the steering wheel was devoid of any lubricant, and as the wheel was turned, the friction between the ring and pin was causing a similar noise to what you indicate. In order to correct the problem, you have to remove the steering wheel, clean the brass ring and the contact pin. Then you need to lubricate the ring with a small amount of conductive grease that you should be able to get at any automotive store. Then just reassemble the steering wheel on the steering shaft.
Its the steering stops. They rub against a hard stop against the lower control arm. Grease both of these surfaces. Take a look at for pics and instructions. Good luck!
have 2005 sierra truck and does this also Worse in summer than winter. The big rubber boot where steering wheel comes thru firewall, spray wd40 in opening in boot. There is a recall on my model. Several friends have replace this 3 times on their truck. Does not sqeak at all in the cold weather because it expands. Good Luck
little confused - "Does not sqeak at all in the cold weather because it expands" - Colder temps will cause rubber and some metals like aluminum to constrict not expand. Heat will cause that. This is why many leak oil when they sit and stay cold. The heat keeps them expanded and sealed better.