Q: Squeaking niose coming from driver's side on 2000 Honda Civic

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I have a 2000 Honda Civic DX. It makes a squeaking-high pitch noise when I start it up, and while it idles. The noise comes from the driver's side, and when it's really squealing good, it turns heads. Not cool.
When I rev the engine and when my car is warmed up the noise stops. I also notice when I'm in a dryer climate the noise is gone then as well. I just recently moved to the coast and that's when it started. I took my car to my old mechanic (300 miles in-land) the noise was gone and he thought I was crazy. Couldn't find anything wrong. Didn't hear it again until I returned to the coast. I have a friend who also has a civic and complians of this same problem. What's the deal?
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Honda Squeaking noise on start.

Probably a belt. Try spraying a little water on the belts (one at the time) on the front of the motor. IF this temporarily stops it, have that belt replaces. NOTE. If one belt is bad you should probably have all checked. They wear out about the same time.
Pick up a can of belt grip from your local auto parts store and apply it according to instructions on the can to the belt/belts with the engine off and see if the noise is coming from the belt/belts
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