Q: sputtering engine on 1990 Nissan 300ZX

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Engine sputters and has no power regardless of RPM or speed. I changed the plugs and checked the air box. This car has 335,000 km on it but when it runs it runs great. High octane is always used. All hoses seam to be in good condition, no carcks. What could it be?
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These were great engines but the fuel injectors were not reliable in the long term. They are also very expensive to replace, I think that the intake manifold covers the injectors on one cylinder bank to make it even more expensive. In my experience the injectors break down electrically causing a steady dead miss on the cylinders in question. If you have spark at each cylinder and a dead miss on one or more cyls, suspect the injectors. usually a mechanic is reluctant to change only one injector because he knows that he could get stuck to replace more for free if another injector quits while in warrantee period, so it's expensive.
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