Q: sprinter want start after the transmission rebuild on 2009 Dodge Sprinter 2500

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2006 dodge sprinter, 2500, we drove the van there,had transmission rebuild, now it want start, dealer told us it's the skreemer, modgel, we raplaced, van still want start. now they say its the computer? please Help....
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tranny has nothing to do with start system, unless they messed around with comp. program. what are the symptoms? turning over and not firing up? possible fuel delivery issue. clicking? possible starter. run VIN# to find out if any recalls related to issue.
You turn the key, light come on, turn key nothing, its not turning over,not cranking..nothing just the light on the dash board is onplease help. Were should we take it for repairs, the dealer takes an ARM and a leg....thank you very much.
i think they messed with the computer program. suggest you talk to the manager and make them reprogram. make a scene if you have to. for any further repairs should research local independant shops as their rates are often a lot better than dealership. dealerships aren't really any good except for vehicle warranty. find shop for regular vehicle maintenance and another for transmission specialty. word of mouth is often good indicator of services supplied.
The dealer switch the computer, and skremr, from a 2004 dodge spriter, and still would not start...I wonder if the computers are comparable...2004-2006...I call service station and ask if they work on dodge sprite, they all declined...thank you fro you help...
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