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Q: speedometer not working on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

odometer is working but not the speedometer is not .i know it's a sensor but which one?it has an input and a output but will not show up on a computer check as to which one it is.thanks
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I had the same problem I reset the instrument cluster by holding in the trip reset untill it goes into a self test this fixed mine.
what a life saver, i've been trying to figure out what sensor was bad for about 3 wks. thanks a bunch! i wonder what they would have charge me if i would taken it to the dealer?
Wow that was a lifesaver, thank you. Now how do I get the check engine light to go off. I already changed the gas cap with no luck.
Have you run a scan to find out what code came up for your check engine light? While a loose gas cap can be a common culprit, it can also be a o2 sensor issue or some type of recirculation air issue. I have a 2001 T and C that has the speedometer issue where when you're going 55 mph, it's registering 40. 50 at 65 mph, etc. I'm going to try the reset and see if that helps. Otherwise...all things point to the output sensor. That said, on your check engine issue, my 99 cougar had that light on with code p0401 (poor air recirculation). The dealership wanted to replace this valve and that valve, etc. On YouTube, I found a video of a father/son and their cougar with the same issue. They pulled the throttle assembly (so you can access the ports behind the throttle plate--be sure to remove the gasket too) to show all the gunk that had built up. Sure enough, when I pulled mine, it was caked full with black gunk and zero chance any air could get through--thus, the recirculation issue. After cleaning it out with throttle cleaner, etc. I cleared the code with my reader and it's been fine since.
Do you do the trip reset when the vehicle is on or off?? My speedometer stopped working today.
This is probably what is called the vehicle speed sensor. Not sure where it is located. Best to check with a professional shop or a repair manual. There is a chance that it is the gauge itself.
Amazing what knowledge can do to help others. Thank you for sharing and giving me a stress free process. Issue resolved :)
When vehicle is shut off, you push in the odometer reset button until it lights up, then it runs through a test, and resets itself
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