Q: Speedometer and Odometer do not work. Check Engine Light is On and OD Light is on. on 2001 Kia Rio

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My Speedometer and Odometer do not work. My Check Engine Light and the OD Light are on. No other lights are on. I had a mechanic fix this problem a few years ago and now it is back. I am going to replace the Fuel Filter next week. Can you tell me what may be causing the speedometer not to work? The car probably needs lots of help but I keep it tuned up and the oil changed regularly. The odometer reads 117,000 miles but I know that it is more like 122,000 miles on it.

I don't mind paying for a repair but I never know if it really was done and if it was, was it done correctly. I would like to be forewarned about what might be wrong.

If it is a sensor, can you tell me approximately how much that part would be? I'm desperate for knowledge. I just need to know whether to fix or ditch it.

Thank you.
Desperate in Rockford.
(1) Answer
well i have a 01 kia rio and my speedo stopped and the odometer stopped as well there are two things it could be the speed sensor or the wiring harness i replaced the sensor no change im moving on to harness now