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Q: Speed sensor location on 1996 Infiniti I30

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Need to replace the transmission speed sensor. Have the part, cannot find the location on the transmission. Please help!
There are at least 2 speed sensors for the transmission, there is the input speed senor which is on the bell housing and there is the output speed sensor, which is on the output shaft area or tail housing of the transmission. The output speed sensor also feeds the speedometer.
ok so, how do i access the output sensor? cannot find appropriate descriptions and no one has any manuals. All I need to do is find it and replace.
It is located on the back of the differential. Sits near the bottom of the diff and is easily spotted if you get under the diff and look in the gap between the spare wheel well and the diff. It is black in colour, smaller than a matchbox and tapered at one end. It is bolted to the diff with a cable attached.

Good luck
One is easy to reach...the other not so easy! The different terms everyone uses is difficult for most of us to understand. I bought one from AutoZone after my wife had them read the codes and I had a helluva time trying figure out where it was located. No offense, but the guy at the counter was no help whatsoever. Took an hour on the internet to finally figure it out, but just as much a lucky guess. One is located behind the driver's side wheel after the tire/rim assembly & splashguard is removed, the other is on top of the transaxle case. To reach the one that I bought you must get the car up off the ground to give enough room to work. You will be working in cramped quarters to reach it and very little room to turn a wrench. You have to crawl under the car and find the place where the engine attaches to the transmission....the transaxle! The speed sensor is on top of the transaxle and once you start working on it you can't see what you are doing if you are on the ground as I was. I wish I could have taken pictures but there was no room. If I had to do again, I think it would be less than an hour to install......but with the research time it took about 2 1/2 hours. Solved the problem and the wife is now happy with the performance.
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