Q: Speed Indicator on 1995 Plymouth Neon

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The speedometer in my car doesn't work at all. The gauge that shows RPMs is working, but not the speedometer. I just wanted to know which part would need to be replaced, if any, and if it would be required to pass a safety inspection.
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It uses a speed sensor located on the top of the right-hand axle output housing. It is a black unit that has a clip-in two-wire connector. looks like a dealer only item because I can't find it anywhere.
If you push or tap on the cluster right of the speedo dial does it work intermittanly?
try removing the whole cluster assembly and re-soldering the plug connections on the board just by melting the solder on the connections again. I read this and tried the fix and so far everything is working on my 1998.
sometimes my speedomter works and sometimes doesnt. the code i get is PO743 WHEN LOOKED UP THE CODE IT SAID THE TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH CIRCUIT ELECTRICAL CAN U HELP ME WITH ANY INFO