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Q: spark plugs really that hard to replace? on 2000 Ford Expedition

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went to auto store picked up some motorcraft spark plugs ..poped the hood .and it seemed like plugs were buried under fuel lines,a/c hoses,vaccume lines .replacing spark plugs sounds easy,but looks so hard .do i have to remove fuel rails?what about the ones in the back i need special tool? and is motorcraft spark plugs worth using when so hard to replace ..i use the cheap plugs when easy to replace on my toyota .
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I use only Motorcraft or Autolite Plugs in Ford vehicles regardless of how hard or easy they are to replace. The 5.4 V8 in your 2000 Expedition has a "COP" ignition system which has an individual coil for each cylinder mounted directly over the top of the plug. Even though it technically does not have a plug wire, there is a plug boot between each coil and plug.

You do not need to remove the fuel rails nor have a special tool for the back plugs, just the right socket and extensions and plenty of patience.

You may need to replace the plug boots along with the plugs depending on their condition, and be sure to use anti-seize on the plug threads and Dielectric grease on the plug boots.

A standard labor guide allows 3 hours, but an experienced mechanic will not take that long; it will take a while to change them the first time you do it.

Good luck!

Robert Grove, ASE World Class Technician
Sounds like your first answer was right on. ALLOW ENGINE TO COOL completely. Aluminum heads contract and expand differently that other metals. I would like to add that when you removed the COP MAKE SURE you blow out the plug port. Also, removing the fuel rail does make the job easier and if it gives you a little more room to work then that may make you feel a little better about tackling the job. 1999-2003 5.4s have been bad about plugs breaking off so be careful removing. PB Blaster might be a good idea when removing them. GO back with the Motorcraft Platinum (Autolite is MFG) plug. By all means, exercise patience. Good luck.
thanks for reply guys..i'll exchange them with motorcraft platinum.not sure whats PB blaster?
Yes the spark plugs do break very easily
u should use carb cleaner and spray them
On ur spark plugs before trying to remove them
Also a little trick is to spay them with the carb cleaner
Then put the boots back on then start ur vehicle up
Let it warm up a little to let the carb cleaner break down
Carbon that builds up on the spark plug remeber metal
Expands and contracts so by u starting it up it makes
The metal will expand wen u let the engine warm up
And contract wen it cools down witch will make
It a lot easier to remove the spark plugs this will cut down
The chances of the spark plugs breaking in the cyclinders
If you think these are difficult be glad you don't have the 2000 4.6 engine in your vehicle..... Also be very careful to not introduce sand into your plug holes when you remove your spark plugs.. Using to much care here is not possible.. You can seriously damage your vehicle engine if not careful about getting sand into those holes!!!!!
I bought ( 8 ) coil over plugs on the internet for $57.00 and my plugs locally. I found a shop that would install these and replaced two vaccum hoses for $55.00. It pays to shop around , because just the coils cost approx. $39.00 + tax each at O'Reilys. I did the leg work to save me a lot of money. It wasn't worth my time and trouble to do this myself. Try to replace all the coil over plugs and plugs, so it doesn't throw off your computor. Good luck...
thank for da reply .57.00 for all 8 plugs sounds good do u have a site that i can go to ?
Hi, I made a mistake on the price...they were $59.00 (free shipping). Look @ #150799351299 on Ebay. These are always on and the seller is: partsforcars29. Good luck...
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