Q: spark plugs on 1998 Mazda B4000

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What is the recommended spark plugs for a 98 Mazda B4000?
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I would recommend original equipment Mazda / Ford Motorcraft Spark Plugs, as it is a Ford engine.
Any other related symptoms? With the misfire, is it constant, intermittent, under load? You could have a coil issue, wire issue, injector issue, base engine issue... Any further information you can pass along can maybe help steer you in the right direction. Thanks!
Mainly during acceleration up an encline. When ever it should pick up speed without going into passing gear, it starts bumping like I`m shooting a 50cal. I`m gonna try the motorcraft plugs this weekend and see what that does. I went to have the codes read but I had disconnected the battery and the light went off, so now I have to wait for it to come back on. Supprised it hasn`t already since I`ve driven about 200 miles since then.
The light does not have to be on to set codes. You could also have "pending" codes of misfires. Scan it anyway. And, yes, the Motorcraft plugs could help you too. You could have one installed currently that has a crack in it even after install.