Spark plug wires on 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

I'm trying to upgrade my spark plug wires, but can't seem to take the stock wires off. The plug wires have the metal shielding around each boot (on the plug end), and I cannot seem to pull them loose from the plug. Is there a special tool or puller for these plug wires???

Why would you want to upgrade your spark plug wires, is your engine misfiring? I have seen plug wires on these newer engines easily last the 100,000 mile life of the spark plugs. If the engine is not misfiring replacing the spark plug wires will be of no benefit. That being said. In order to remove the wires you must grasp the part of the boot which is sticking out of the heat shield. Twist the boot until in breaks loose from the spark plug, you should then be able to pull the wire off of the spark plug.
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