Q: Spark plug wire keeps lifting on 1992 Honda Accord

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While driving everything seems normal.
Then out of nowhere the car will act as if it is missing
a spark. I will lift hood to find that one of the plug wires has lifted
away from the housing. Not all the way just lifted.
If I press it back down car runs fine but will eventually
lift again. What could this be? The wires were just replaced.
About four months prior. HELP
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The wires are not fitting very well. I would buy higher end brand of wires so that you can forget about this issue.
Response - Rabulaneskia, March 26, 2010, 19:15
Could there be a compression problem? Or just stick with getting new wires from napa
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Go to Napa and get the good stuff, the cheap parts always last about a year or so then you have to throw them out. It costs more in the beginning but they are made to last for years
sometimes the spark plugs themselves need to be tightened back down to the engine. (Do not over tighten--you will break them and then, well you're boned). The pressure from the engine running will pop the wires off causing a misfire. also certain brands of spark plug wires fit better to the spark plugs