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Q: spark plug repair expidition ,c back two plugs on 2003 Ford Expedition

ive heard tapping and putting an insert in the front plugs can be succesful, but that the back to are risky and maybe impossible to do while the heads are on the car.even with an expensive repair kit ,is this true?I tried to tap the third cylinder back on pass. side and the tap went crooked on the way cant be repaired by machine shop now.Iam i totally responsible?was the tap even a possible fix the back cylinders?I did this job for someone,i first reccomended pulling the heads but he wanted me to try something.please help this truck will break me.
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we never do this repair. if they dont go for the head replacement, i turn the job away. yes, you are responsible since you started the job. remember, you tell them what they need, the customer does not dictate what we do.

are you sure im responsible?As soon as i knew it was a blown plug at the begining,i told him that he has to have the head pulled,I was packing my tools and leaving,but he talked me into trying something. I feel that he should share the blame.Before i started this job i wasnt aware of the problems with this 4.6 triton mo0tor
once you touched it, you assume responsibility. you admitted to tapping it wrong and eliminated the possibility of them having someone to do it elsewhere. if you go in front of the judge, it is a work quality issue and they most likely side with the consumer.
never be afraid to walk away. we tell them what they need, we are the pros. fix the ones you know you can fix and walk away from the ones who want a cheap fix that rarely works.
I was an arbitrator for BBB for years and saw many of these cases, and rarely did anyone find for us.

I was leaving the customer stopped me he didnt have the money to pull the heads he wanted me just to try something againsnt my recomendation. I think i might just have to take me to court.Are there alot of cases for ford tritons?
it is a common failure and ford reccomends head replacement only. none of the dealers in my area will use the insert repair kit. i guess it is a directive from ford.

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