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Q: spark in crank pully on 2003 Kia Spectra

There is a spark that jumps around on the crank pully. When it sparks it makes a loud ticking noise. We have no idea what's causing this and how to go about fixing it.
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I would look at the ignition system, it is the about the only system capable of generating that much electrical current. Make sure any plug wires and coils are good.
Is the engine running OK?
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If the "sparks" are coming from the crankshaft pulley area its self and is associated with a noise I would check for a separated harmonic damper/crankshaft pulley. Seen it happen on my own Saab,Saturn, some Jaguars and other cars. Removing the fan belts to remove the load on the pulley and feeling for movement on the crank pulley itself may locate the problem. But look at the crankshaft pulley.
Oh and to add on to have a leak in my power steering hose...could the power steering fluid possible be causing this spark? I honestly really don't think it has anything to do with the ignition system........and yes the engine is running ok.
Well maybe it could have something to do with the ignition system. I guess checking every possible idea wouldn't hurt. Everyone is just dumbfounded by this.
Simply change belt on crank this is a static problem .... i solve my problem 3 month ago
I have this problem on my Hyundai Matrix. We changed the belt to the A/C compressor and it slowed the sparking down and then tried to clean the rust off of the drive pulley and this helped a little more but it's still there at 1500 rpm and higher. If we remove the belt to the A/C compressor, it stops completely. We may next try getting a new drive pulley and see it that cures it.
I have this same issue with my 2005 Hyundai Accent. I can't find any answers. It's driving me nuts!!!!!!

Please let me know if you find an answer.
I have a 03 kia optima doing it. the mechanic i work with says he has never seen such thing. I'll call the dealer tomorrow.
Hey Ashley,
Is the engine running OK? Does it run rough or hesitate?
Have the shop check the engine grounds really good too.
Install a manifold gauge set.
Check the compressor drive belt tension.
Run engine at approx. 1,500 rpm .
Check the compressor for the following:
Low pressure gauge reading is not lower and high pressure gauge reading is not higher than abnormal.
Metallic sound.
Leakage from shaft seal. If any of the above is not satisfactory, repair the compressor.
Check magnetic clutch. Raise the vehicle.
Inspect the pressure plate and the rotor for signs of oil.
Check the clutch bearings for noise and leaking grease.
Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance of the stator coil be between the clutch lead wire and ground.
Standard resistance
3.11 ±0.08 ohm at 12.8 V 20 °C (68 °F)

If resistance value is not as specified, replace the coil.

Connect the positive (+) lead from the battery to terminal, check that the magnetic clutch is energized. If magnetic clutch is not energized, replace the coil.
NOTE: Do not short the positive (+) lead wire on the vehicle by applying battery voltage
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