Q: Sometimes hesitates to start. Have to add RXP or other gas additive, then it starts. on 1996 Buick Regal

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Is it the fuel pump, gas cap, fuel filter, electrical or what. Thought it had bad gas from Race Trac, but now I have no clue.
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I think you have bad gas or water in the tank. Replace the fuel filter, see if water or other contaminant pours out of the old filter. If that fixes it, drive it and see if it stays fixed. If it needs another filter, then you may have to clean out the tank.
Why would adding a gas additive cause my car to then start? Or is it simply taking gas cap off & placing on again doing something to the pressure? Also, are there sensors between the gas cap & tank? There's no way the gas additive made it to the fuel filter that quick.