Q: sometimes car wont start but turns over on 1996 Saturn SL2

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Sometimes my car wont start, like 3 times a week. It turns over but wont start. I tried it like 10 times and then left it alone. a few hour later it started and was good for a few days. Other times when it wont start i will push start it and then it will work for a few days. Yesterday it died while i was driving it and wouldn't start again. I left it while i went to to work and after when i tried it started.
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Your starting and stalling issue is going to need proper diagnoses, perhaps by a qualified technician. The are a number of things which can cause the symptoms you are describing. The first step in the diagnoses is to check for loss of spark or fuel when the engine won't start. One that has been determined that diagnoses can continue on the system that has failed until the cause has been found.
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