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Q: Something is draining my battery. What can it be? on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

A couple months ago, my car started giving me an intermittent check engine light. It would be on for a little while, then turn off. I also had some rough idling when the car started. The CEL is no longer on while driving, but when I turn the key to the Accessory position, the light comes on and flashes 10 times, then stays solid.

More recently (2 weeks ago), my car wouldn't start. I had it jump started and when I got home I noticed that after I shut off the engine something kept turning on/off (which is why my battery drained). Mechanic told me he replaced a relay and smog pump. It worked great . . . for 2 weeks.

The past 2 days I hear what sounds like a fan below the engine running after I've turned the car off. I also smell something burnt.
Tonight, my car would not start (again). Battery appeared fine as all my interior lights worked and so did my power door locks, but when I turned the key I got nothing but flashing interior lights and clicking sounds. After the car got towed home, the battery was drained (again).

Any idea what's going on? Why is something still running when the engine is turned off and how do I fix it?
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As for the battery leakage, there are mainly 3 causes: Electric switch keep turning on when car shut down. Battery plate short circuit or oxidized. Or some electronic component or circuit misjoined.
You'd better check it. If all not, then you need to change a new battery.
And for the rough idling problem, there is an article about the cause and how to fix it. I think it will help you:

Thanks for the quick reply.
The battery was changed a few months back.
I also had the timing belt and water pump changed about 6 months ago at 90,000 miles.
Transmission service and fuel injector cleaning was performed at my last oil change about 2 months back as well.

I'll check the spark plugs & wires as soon as I get a chance.
Hopefully the rough idling is something as simple as needing new plugs. :)
Thanks for the link.

I'm still stumped on the battery draining. I thought for sure that was taken care of when the mechanic changed the relay and smog pump. I guess not. :(
You say there is a fan sound from below the engine when the car is off. If this is right after driving then it is normal. It is most likely your auxiliary fan. If it is randomly coming on there is a short somewhere in the circuit which would absolutely drain the battery. Most times it is either the relay or the Auxiliary fan itself that has gone bad.
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