Q: something is draining my battery after 2-3 days if I don't start my car every day on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

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could the leveling device be draining my battery? sometimes i hear it running (the leveling device) when i'm not in the car. would removing the fuse (if it has one for that) solve the problem? if i removed the fuse to the leveling device would the rear of my car go down?
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The auto leveling system may be draining your battery, but then again it may not be. It is normal for the leveling compressor to run sometimes after you turn the key off. It should run for only a short time and only once during each key off cycle. If your remove the level control fuse the rear of the car will sag over time due to the loss of air in the rear shocks. If your compressor runs for a short time every time you turn the key off it may be because of a small air leak in the system, this should not cause the battery to go dead. If removing the load level system fuse does not keep your battery from draining you may need to get your car to a qualified technician to get this problem properly diagnosed.