Q: so they checked the wiring in tje car they didnt ask me if i wanted it check on 2004 Ford Explorer

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theyt old me a vet tech was coming to look at it on june 19 th they call say they got a defective pcm and another one is being sent should i be charged for the second labor to have the computer put in again and the wiring check the guy ron and art hill ford merrillville, in told me dead pcm they they was checking all this other stuff when computer was reading codes tht didnt belong to ly car . i think i should only pay for the computer the first time and labor afraid they will charge me over 1000
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That depends. If you declined shop recommend new/re-manufactured parts and requested used parts which will save you money but at a risk and there is a problem with the used part, that was a risk you accepted trying to save money. I shop did not diagnose and installed PCM per your request and there was something else wrong that damaged new part then they were only doing what you asked for and should not have to work for free, also who ever supplies the part supplies the defect part warranty. If I get a bad part I can go to the supplier with a labor claim and get compensated for having to replace it a second time, if you supplied your own part to save money you get to compensate (pay) again. BUT if they diagnosed it, and you are approving and doing exactly what they recommended and they are picking the part and it is not used,and they get a bad part, then you should not have to pay again!!!
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