Q: So I guess I need a NEW engine? on 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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My truck has more than 160,000 miles and I am experiencing compression problems inside cylinder 4. Since the engine is almost 9 years old and has so many miles I have been adivised to replace the engine altogether rather than risk a partial repair on ONE cylinder. I would like to know how many labor hours it should take to complete this expensive task?
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It's a good 18 hours to swap all the parts into the new/used engine. We use a couple of vendors that offer 3yr/100K mile warranties. Probably $5,500 for the whole job...
Yeah...that was just about the same price that the mechanic at the FORD dealership said too :( (they said $5800). Van Damme...time to pass the collection hat around and pull in those resources! Thank you for your fast feedback.
-Milt Jordan
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you can consult all kinds of labor guides and come up with different labor times...but depending on if its a remanufactured replacement that takes a few more hours of time to swap parts or a salvage yard used it takes a good mechanic about 2 days to do a good engine install.
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