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Q: Smoke from exhaust pipe on 1994 Lincoln Town Car

Recently, there was some K & W engine block sealant put in my car. Afterwards, I took it to a shop for an oil change, coolant flush, and to get some new spark plugs. Later on that evening, noticed some roughness and kind of jerking when pressing on the gas, so took it back to shop the next day and a bad cylinder was discovered. The mechanic said that the sealant stuff that was put in shouldn't have been-thats it bad for your car. Could this be the cause of the smoke? Also, I noticed the lack of power and roughness (cylinder)prior to taking it to the shop, just not as bad. My car has never smoked before! The person who put in the sealant didnt flush it all the way out before I took it to get a "real" coolant flush. Could the smoke be the sealant stuff just kind of burning off or what? Help!
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why was the sealant installed to begin with? it sounds like you had a problem. the smoke sounds like coolant in a cylinder from a bad head gasket.

the second shop was correct about it not supposed to be used. when he flushed it, out came the remain g sealant and the original issue returned. now you need to address the problem. no one is to blame. it sounds like it overheated at some point that did the original damage to the motor.

get a leak down test and a bid for repair.

My heat wasnt kicking in one day and I immediately realized I was very low on coolant, so I immediately put water in it and the heat started working again as normal. Because of this, my friend assumed I had been driving the car like this ( with no water) for some time (not true!)and assumed I must have cracked a head gasket. He also said my oil looked milky, like there was water in it. Therefore, he put the sealant in. My car has never overheated. Mechanic said gasket is not cracked, only a bad cylinder. U said coolant got in the cylinder, possibly. How? Is there a leak in the coolant system?
the mechanic said the cylinder was bad. why?? what did he determine the problem was with the cylinder.

Coolant gets in froma blown head gasket.

once again, get a leak down test and that will answer the question so we can move forward.

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