Q: Smoke comes out of tailpipe after car is not used for awhile. on 2003 Toyota Camry

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Otherwisw runs perfect. Do I have a value problem? How much does this cost to get fixed? Could someone have tampered with the car to cause this? Maybe putting something in the gas or oil?
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likely you have valve guide seals starting to harden, allowing small amounts of oil into the cylinders after extended periods(no one can cause this w/tampering nor sabotage)usual causes lack of timely oil changes and/or simply high mileage. advising a course of action without knowing the condition of the engine would only be dishonest. in most cases if this is the only concern then no action is needed as the cost of the repair far outweighs the benefits. in other words this condition, as long as it does not get severe is really not that big a deal. good luck
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