Q: Smoke came out of exhaust and oil cap will not start. What has happened? on 1998 Dodge Caravan

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During my drive up from Branson to Springfield a loud bang came from engine in shifting and then smoke blew out of my exhaust and engine. I believe I cracked my engine block? If so how much is it to repair?
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Wow, this is a tough one to answer! Can't give you a price only some free advice! Have a shop check it out then give you an estimate on a good used engine including installation, if that is what it needs. Even at that, it may be beyond reasonable repair for a 1998 year model. Sorry i can't be more helpful.
If you did crack the the block it's only an anchor now, but you'll need it for a core exchange..If I were you, look around for a low-mileage used motor. There is a site called parts are us that have some low mileage motors with low shipping fees. (memphis Tn) Another is, you pay and pull, each of these places have inventory and prices online so that you can get an idea. Labor you price close to you. Now days you can spend up $5000. plus. Good Luck, Kool Tool.