Q: Slow Pick up on 1998 Toyota Corolla

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In winter I do warm up the car once in a day usually mornings. However it is restarted after couple of hours but in temp of 30-35 degrees, its pick up and running is so that slow I just drive at speed of 20-25 so as not to pump gas more to obtain pickup / speed. It has good running once speed reached 40
I have changed spark plugs myself before 4 months assuming that might help. My weekday commute is less may be 8-10 miles. total of weekends it could be 50-65 miles or more

I keep feeling that I need some kind of engine inspection & repairs. Can you please revert with your suggestion and also recommendation on good repair shops around my zip code

Thanks for time and consideration

Rishi Shah

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Hello Rishi,
First off I am a big fan of the Toyota Corolla they are a wonderful car. You car has onboard diagnostic capabilities which may be very useful in figuring out what is happening with your car.
There is a 16 pin socket under the driver's side dash of your car, a scan tool can be attached to this connector to interpret information in the car's computer and monitor key sensor values your cars computer uses to make the car run.
I would like to see the information from the coolant and ambient air temperature switch on the engine, the air flow meter signal to see how much "air" the computer thinks is going into the engine, and fuel trim figures (to see if the computer is adding fuel to make the car run).
All this information is important to diagnosis what is going on with your car and any reputable repair shop should have a scan tool with these capabilities.
Has your car had the yellow Check Engine icon (that represents the out line of an engine) on the dash illuminate?
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