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Q: sliding door beeping on 2005 Chevrolet Uplander

The contacts on the sliding door are damaged. I need to replace/repair the whole door, but until I can afford that, I need to know how to stop the beeping alert that the door is open. I think there may be a fuse that I can pull, but I wouldn't know which one. Please help!
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Turn to page 5-96 on the 2005 Uplander Manual.
-- See the diagram for fuse box
-- Open door on passenger side
-- On the far side of dash board "end" you will see what looks like a small vent, put fingers in it and pull out hard
-- Fuse box will be exposed
-- Take out fuse 21 "Power Sliding Door" No need to take out left or right Power sliding door fuses 24 and 25, just leave them in
-- Power door option will not work with fuse 21 gone, but beeping will stop.
The metal on the ends of the pins corrode and the won't make a solid connection with the plates on the door jamb. Sand both down to get a better metal to metal connection. Repeat as needed. It's working for me.
I have had serious issues with my Chevrolet Uplander including (but not limited to) my power sliding doors, to which GM states that there really is no issue. My issue is that the doors opened while I was driving down the road with my child in the backseat. I had sanded the contacts to try to get a better connection, I tried resetting the system by taking the fuse out and putting it back in (because of that beeping noise - which borders qualifying as a human torture device). I have since given up on using the power door feature and keep the fuse out. My child's safety is much more important than any faulty power door feature that GM offers.
Patriotsdream - Thanks so much - It only took me 5 mins to fix the problem with your answer!
My Uplander chimed all night long and finally the battery was dead this morning. After my husband jump started it, the chiming had stopped. But if it starts again (and I'm sure at some point it will, it's done it before) I will try this!! It is definitely torturous listening to it especially if you have an hour drive or more. I wish they would just indicate on the dash panel "rear door ajar" or something. I'm not a complete idiot, I would understand that! The worst part being that the door is not even 'ajar' Ugh! Thanks patriotsdream
what kind of update. i contacted gm and they r tring to make me go almost 2 hrs from me to a dealer who i have to pay for the diog. test. neither one of the doors work. open shut, open shut, ding ding ding the whole time.
Follew the procedure that was seen above on BEST ANSWER I just did it and it took care of the problem.
patriotsdream66 I can't thank you enough! I have been dealing with this for years. The bing bong bing bong is gone. You are a god sent.
I had the same problem. We had to pull the fuse to the speakers. Now I don't have a stereo until we can get it fixed but at least it stopped the dinging!!
Eureka! I followed the advise of patiotsdream66 and pulled the fuse. What a relief. Any advice on the repair of the auto open feature of passenger sliding door?
One problem that can cause the symptoms above is failure of the detent switch in the rear latch assembly. The detent switch provides the signal to the control module that the door is latched. If it fails the module thinks that the door is not shutting due to an obstruction so it reverses the door and sounds the continuous chime. If you have a good auto electric shop (not the dealer) in your area you can get the latch assembly with the detent switch replaced for about $400. Our 2008 Uplander power sliding door has given us no trouble since we had this repair done three years ago.
Well wgat i do is stop the car open the sliding door and deive slow while closing it and that helps dor me
My van was doing the same thing and I pulled the fuse ( use your owners manual) but the motor was still running trying to shut the door. On our van you can disengage the automatic doors to perform as sliding doors, but still had the beeping. Pulling the fuse worked for the beeping but had to disconnect the motor to shut the door. Still no rear drivers side door. I believe the fuse was on the passengers side inside.
If you pull the radio fuze I think its # 15 the beeping stops,along with the music.
You van also pull the PSD fuse.
Power slide door one fuse per side
Or I just found out if you disconnect the drivers side door more noise
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