Q: Shutting down unexpectedly at all speeds. on 1996 Dodge Intrepid

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My 96 Intrepid is shutting down while driving it and it does this at any speed. I have replaced fuel filter, crank sensor and in the past had the wires leading to the coil pack repaired. I cleaned all contacts/prongs on the black block fuses in the control center located under the hood on the driver's side but it still shuts down and most often won't start again until it sits for 10 minutes or so. I am thinking it might be the PCM but would like some other ideas, as this part is quite costly. Any advice will be most welcome.
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Best thing you can do is leave it with a mechanic so it can be tested while it will not start! Mechanic can watch scanner's live data and determine if the 'crank sensor' is at fault.!! (Again)
I am afraid you are correct about leaving it with a mechanic. I checked with the dealership and they said it would have to be put on the diagnostic machine which will be $84 to start. It will give a list of all the problems wrong with the car. Being that it is a 96 I imagine the list will have mulitple items on it :-) But I don't think it is the crank sensor since it was one of the items we replaced and it has made no difference. The fuel filter was replaced as well.
Purchased the crank sensor at Wynn's Auto. It made no difference after it was installed. I thought it might have been the sensor as well but it seems that is not the issue.
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