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Q: Shuts off after running like its not getting fuel on 1998 Dodge Ram 2500

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A few months ago, truck started to shut off, leave the house, get a 1/4 mile and it would just stop running. It would be as if it was not getting gas, sputtering & then stop. I could wait a few mins & it would start back up & run fine for weeks/month before it would do it again. We did replace the fuel filter in Oct & it has ran fine until yesterday. Got in in to turn around & while hooking up our trailer (small 4wheeler trlr) it started sputtering & shut off. It will not crank anymore. It will turnover fine but just won't crank. We have loosened the bleeder bolt & manually primed the pump. At first there was a little fuel & bubbles that came out then nothing. We have already replaced the fuel cutoff switch also. We got under the truck & listened for the pump on top of the gas tank (turned key on) and there was nothing coming from it either. We are not sure which one it may be as it isn't easy to check either one (also not sure how to check them). ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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I suspect a faulty VP44 injection pump. This is seriously common issue with the 5.9L Cummins Diesel. I do recommend a good Cummins Diesel shop help troubleshoot it, but I'd be quite suprirsed if it was another problem. These pumps are pretty expensive, unfortunately. Another reason to be sure before replacing it.

Good luck.
You probably already have this figured out but just in case you don't, on the drivers side of the engine down low there is a mechanical fuel pump .(like on the old gas engine) It provides fuel volume for the injector pump. If that stops working than the truck runs out of fuel even though the injector pump is working fine. I have a 98 dodge 1 ton dually with a diesel engine and last year (2010) I was leaving my house and my truck started getting week and sputtering and died. I never got it started again. I changed the fuel filter bleed the fuel injecters, everything you did but to no avail. Had it towed and fixed and the mechanical fuel pump was the problem. Cost aprox. $350.00
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