Q: shudder from stop after warmed up on 1997 Dodge Dakota

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My truck will shudder from a stop under moderate acceleration. This is a two wheel drive. Do these trucks have drive shaft problems or is it in the torque converter?
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If this is only happening when the engine is warmed up, then it wouldn't appear to be a drive shaft issue, but it's hard to rule anything out without performing an inspection first. There may be a misfire in the engine too. Are there any warning lights on or have you checked for any diagnostic trouble codes?
Didn't you're original question say something about it occurring only when warmed up?
Thanks for your response. Their are no codes stored. It's definately a drive line shudder. I'm not familiar with this problem in the Dodge trucks. I thought a dodge person may be familiar with the symptom. I just bought this truck.
Since I just bought the truck, I will have to drive it more to see if I can make it happen cold as well. But, I only noticed it at first after it warmed up. It may simply be that I did't accelerate hard enough while it was cold to notice it. I will let you know. Thanks again.