Should paint be fading on hood and roof, I park in the garage not on the street. on 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

I have a black car, never park on the streets, but the paint is fading on the hood and the roof.

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There was a class action settlement for mitsubishi endeavors, eclipse, and gallants for de-lamination of the paint. Basically the clear coat they used is separating from the paint. It is only black cars that have been affected in the class action settlement. I cannot recall the exact years that were covered in the settlement but I can tell you my car is a 2004 and it is included. The settlement doesn't cover all the cost of repainting your car but it will cover a portion.
How do I get info on the settlement. I own a 2002 Black Spyder and had to have one area fixed on the spoiler 2 years ago. Now there is white primer coming through all over the car. I never received anything from Mitsibishi.
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Paint fading is due to inferior quality of clearcoat.and black and silver are usually the colors that fail. There is no simple way to fix this, You need to get it painted and use a quality clearcoat.$$$$
defict paint from the factory
I read about this too. I read that mitsubishi watered down their black paint and peaples black cars were pealing!
mines fading too what do i do?!
i have a 2004 and its been peeling and fading after only a yr i had it!!