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Q: Should I replace my AC compressor or check something else first.
on 1996 Mercedes-Benz C220

I have a new compressor ready to go in, but I was curious to see if it was something more simple wrong before I install it. The system is completely charged but the AC clutch will not engage. I put a gauge on the low pressure side and it pegged the needle past the red zone side. Could it be a bad clutch or a relay or something else. Please advise. Thanks for your your help.
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what type of A/C equipment are you using to monitor the system?HOW did you evacuate- vacuum and recharge it , to know that it is NOT overcharged? Unless you have more to tell , it sounds like this would be a good time for a professional.
A three hose manifold gauge set. It hasn't been evacuated yet. Hence the question!!! Is it necessary to do that yet? Should I check something else first like the evaporator temp sensor?
My first response stands...............You don't understand what you are working on, and I can't explain it . YES it should have been evacuated , vacuumed and THEN charged with the correct amount specified by the vehicle label.
Zip tie 12 your a dick and I'm gonna report your smart ass and ask you be revoked has a technician. You need to use that zip tie on your smart ass mouth!!!
OK, but fix the car first!!! I believe that was the point of you asking how to fix the A/C system you don't understand. Oh , by the way , I never said I was a 'technician' or a 'mechanic' , I just work on cars. Don't be so defensive when you read my original reply and MAYBE you'll understand what I was really trying to accomplish..........that you get your car fixed WITHOUT doing more damage to it.................good luck and have a nice day (that last part I meant in a 'smart-ass ziptie12' sorta way)................nevermind..............
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