Q: should I replace both front axle? on 2001 BMW X5

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half front axle gone bad, should I replace the other half anyway or would I have another 50000 miles on it?
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What do you mean when you say half? Do you mean the other axle (as in right side and left side of the car)? Usually if an axle goes bad you replace the whole thing, but I would not replace the other side if it is not bad. I would check and make sure the axle "boot" is still good though. Axles usually go bad because the boot splits open and all the grease that keeps the axle lubricated comes out causing the axle to fail.
I was told I need to replace mine, also. However, I had one axle done about 2 years ago at the dealership. I found a mechanic that can do it; however, it calls for the special tool that he doesn't have. So I guess I will take it to the dealership. I feel abused when I take it the dealership in Richmond, VA. Do you know any close by?
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