Q: should i purchase a 2002 ford explorer that has been sitting up for 3 years on 2002 Ford Explorer

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should i buy a 2002 ford explorer that has been sitting up for 3 years. i replaced battery it will start. i test driven it owner has to send of for title said it will take a week to seven days. want to give me a bill of sale i told her i want title before exchanging money. the van has over 200 thousand miles on it.
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Hey my name is Evan, I had a 2002 Ford explorer xlt for 8 years im 25 now, the truck was left to me by my mom when she past away. It just recently died at 127000 miles after a timing chain guide broke off and forced itself into my valve cover and ripped a hole in it. Not to mention the countless bearing problems and electrical problems they have. The ford explorer of that year is a good looking truck but will inevitably have problems especially if it has been sitting for that amount of time, im just saying what I went through I loved that truck just on sheer nostalgia from my mom but looking back I should have traded it in for something newer and more efficient. Thank you for listening and good luck to you