Q: should i do the full flush with filter fluids change on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

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4 wheel drive 4 speed with overdrive 141116 miles
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DON'T flush the trans. Filter and fluid change , and use CHRYSLER/JEEP factory fluid!!!! The aftermarket fluids will work , but not as well.
THAT is why I said do a DRAIN and FILL , I just don't recommend the 'flushing' method. On low mileage vehicles it may be okay , but on high mileage vehicles , from my angle , I see more harm than good done. I also said use FACTORY fluid. That means go to the dealer and get the Mopar fluid for the A/T (I believe it's still ATF+4). The rear differential if you service that, takes synthetic gear oil and a friction 'modifier' (possibly two bottles of that) I'm not sure of the transfer case.Anti-freeze and oil you can use whatever brand you want , but make sure it is the right type.........This is MY OPINION , take what you like , and ALSO use the other opinions you may get here and base your choices on that info. Hopefully some help.
thank u so much i thought it was a bit much with a new filter and new fluids that should clean itself up, thanks again.