Q: Should I contact the Kia dealer yet? on 2005 Kia Amanti

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I took my car in for an inspection and my mechanic told me the following codes came up on my car, which according to him, should not, because the mileage is so low.

P0302 cylinder misfire
P0430 catylic conv. failure
P2135 throttle pedal (no synchronizing w/sensor)

my car has barely 40,000 miles, and the weather has been extremely cold. I don't feel any problems while I drive,but the check engine light that had been popping on and off.

(2) Answers
I have this car...same thing. This car sucks and very expensive in the long run. Sorry to break it to ya!
You mechanic is correct. Your 2005 Kia Amanti should not be setting these codes at such a low mileage. As a mater of fact some of the components which could cause these codes to set may still be under warranty. I would suggest you contact your local Kia dealer and find out exactly what the warranty still covers.