Q: should I buy a new engine or junk the car? on 1998 Nissan Altima

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I recently blew the engine the timing chain went. My mechanic is telling me not to junk the car if it was his he would get a new engine ($900 for parts and labor) the car is in great condition (minus the paint job) I love my car though and I really don't want to junk it.
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Fix it, drive it awhile, then get Maaco to paint it! The next one you get you may hate! That is a good price also, almost too good???! Cant buy a real good go cart for that! How many miles on the replacement engine?
Well when the car is in great condition and you don’t want to put in junk then the best thing you can do is to buy used engine. New engine will surely cost you huge amount, whereas used engines are easily available on shops like and others that will save lots of your money and make your car running for long time. I think this is the best option to go with.
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New engine? Sounds like a used engine at that pricing. actually the pricing sounds too good. Get an estimate in writing as to exactly what you are getting. $900 sounds too inexpensive for this type of repair. The engine alone would seem to be in the $900 range plus labor and other needed anciliary components.
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