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Q: Shop responsible to replace oil drain plug? on 2004 Mazda Tribute

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Per shop manager, employee stripped threads on oil drain plug. Universal plug installed w/o my prior knowledge. Returned to another franchise location for oil change 02/14/2011. Upon pick-up of auto, informed universal plug reinstalled and no leaking. W/in hours, oil dripping.
Hard to really say. I would place the "blame" on the original shop that installed the "universal" drain plug. However, it's anyone's guess if it was a blatant error or wear related.
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as a German luxury specialty shop, we see this trickbag more often that you would think. The Goober Lube does the
quickie but does not use a crush washer or drain plug gasket. They don't have them; that's why they are so cheap.
So, they just tighten the living hell out of the drain plug, leaving the nightmare for the next poor sap that services the car. This is merely one reason wht you never ever patronize any Goober Lube.
I have the very same problem and was told that they can Tap the threads on the drain pan plug, some auto repair shops over tighten the drain plug and it strips the threads, usually no universal drain plug works if there is no threads left or not much at all, so it's best to have the shop that damaged the drain plug by tapping the threads or installing a new oil pan. I was told by my mechanic that they possibly could just tap the oil pan and it would be okay as long as it is not too badly damaged.Had my mechanic tap the oil pan drain plug and now it is like new again, no leaks and I can now resume changing my own oil and no more metal grindings coming out in the oil changes, as we thought they had stripped the threads on the oil pan.
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