Q: shifting to reverse or driving, jerks violently, also can't find transmission d on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

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to check the transmission fluid
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its probably your speed sensor output or input mine has the exact problem i took to vw jetta dealer and they made me do all kids of changes to the car and at the end they said i need a new transmission 3 months later my check engine turns on and it gives me code p0721 which is the output speed sensor so i go back to the dealer they said no we cant change speed sensor you have to put a new transmission because we dont change those parts i think they just want money they took enough the fist time they wanted 5000.00 for just the transmission plus i had to pay for the work its crazy i dont know what to do am a single mom with 4 kids and all i get is i will fix it and money and they dont fix it !!! i took it to a mechanic out of vw jetta thinking i could get a trasmission flush cheaper and i got rob with close to 500.00 and the transmission flush was not done it sucks that they abuse of a women like that i work 7 days a week very hard so i can pay my oldest college and my other 3 can have a roof and food and some come and do these to me but o well karma is bad so i hope they get it right back 3 times worse
2005 jetta 2.0, it happens to me if i tap the gas while i put it in reverse, i let the reverse kick in with out touching the gas and issue doesent happen then i give gas , takes about a second to kick in after its put in reverse, not sure if thats normal. have 114 k on the car recent maintenence= plugs, air filter , cleaned trottle body and maf sensor. car runs ok had it for 20 k miles with no major issues. hope this helped