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Q: shifting gears on 2003 Ford Taurus

When I tried to put car into reverse the shifter wouldn't catch. The car won't move at all. I haven't had any problems with transmission. Fluid is full. Checked the linkage, it;s moving as it should but not "catching". Any ideas as to the problem???
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Do your brake lights stay stuck on (or off) and your car stays stuck in park? If they do, then look online at what could cause this. I can't remember what the part was called, but it has to do with the brake pedal, not the transmission. It happened to me at the grocery store. It's a cheap part to replace and doesn't take long to put on the car. It all was very cheap. Check those brake lights before you go to a transmission shop that will tell you that you need $$$$$$ work done,
You may have an internal transmission problem. Have it checked by a transmission shop. It could be a shifter problem, I don't think so, but no way to tell for sure from here.
It's me again, answer #2 anonymous. Forgot to tell you that I jiggled my gear shifter A LOT to get it into reverse while at the grocery store, and then drove straight to my mechanics shop. May or may not work for you. But, as I sat there in the car, I had my daughter at UT Austin look online at what could cause that problem. She is the one who said to see if the brake lights were stuck, can't remember now if it was on or off. The part was called a brake light switch or light switch, something like that. It all cost me under $50, part and cost of repair, and took about 30 minutes or so. I was scared as a single female that I'd get ripped off in repair costs. I had never heard of the problem before. Best of luck to you.
Thanks for the response! I had this checked out and it's not the problem but hopefully I can find out the problem soon. I had to have it towed to a garage and the mechanic will call me with the diagnosis soon........hopefully an inexpensive diagnosis. Thanks again!
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