Q: shifter wont pull out of gear but will push into park on 1997 Ford Taurus

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I have a 97 ford taurus,My shifter will move but it wont pull out of park. If i manually change gears under the hood i can use the shifter to push it back into park. I think it may be the cable but im still clueless. Any one know where to get the schematics or diagram of the linkage, or the cable. please some one help.
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the shifter hooks to a line that connects to a shift selecter on the trans. It is held in place by a cheap connector ... look and see if the line is connected. Cheapest way is to pick up a chiltons or hays repair manual which included pics. ... look under trans removal and u will find a pic of the shifter line. (also make sure u have enough fluid in the trans .. that will prevent shifting too.
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