Q: shifter problems on 1995 Dodge Neon

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my gear shifter does not go into gear. moves around but not grabbing any of the gears
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The plastic bearing that holds the gear wires is probably broken. Remove the center dash and take a close look at the assembly beneath the shifter.
he is right but its called a bushing not a gearing i had the same problem jus the other day on my way to school. my bushing shreaded on the right side. i had to pull up the center console and i machined a brass fitting to replace the bushing and i havent had a problem out of it since
I had a similar problem on my 2001 neon, and many people I've talked to have as well. For 20$ you can pick up a set of "booger bushings" and it will shift like brand new. Just be sure to seat the new ones all the way or they will work their way off. Google booger bushings and you will find the part, I got mine from eBay for ~18$ and some change took all of 30 minutes from no gears to brand new shifting.