Q: Shifter doesn't work. on 1996 Saturn SL

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I had driven my car earlier in the day with it working just fine, but when I drove it to work the shifter was a little sticky. When I tried to leave I discovered that my shifter wouldn't go into any gear except 2nd or 4th. I pushed it out of the parking lot and drove it home (just a few blocks) and by the time I made it back it wouldn't go into any gear at all. I'm hoping it's just a problem with the linkage, but am unsure. IF it's only that and not the transmission, then about how much would that be to fix?
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Does the clutch pedal feel squishy or not not as firm as you remember it. If it goes to the floor with little effort possible slave/master cilynder. Im not super familiar with Saturn manual trannys but some vehicle have a clutch fluid reservoir.
The clutch feels just fine! It's really just the shifter that's the problem...but because it won't go into gear the car is completely out of operation which is a problem.