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Q: Shift stuck in park on 2004 Nissan Sentra

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I parked my car to return a movie, and when I got back in the shifter was stuck in park. I turned the car off, restarted it and it wouldn't move. Pushed the car a bit and still nothing, how do I get it out of park?
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There is usually a small little over ride plunger near the shift lever that is that can be pushed down to over ride the lock out for the shift lever. It may have a little cover that needs to be removed and stick a small screw driver in the exposed hole as you pull the lever out of park.
Turn the ignition key on and press the brake. Do you hear a clicking sound each time you press the brake pedal? Check that your brake lights work, if not check the fuses and replace the brake light fuse if blown.
The shifter needs an input from the brake light switch to come out of park.
If none of this works I will check information tonight specific to your car as I have not got access to that information right now.
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You are doing no harm by continuing to "by pass" the detent system but you are best to get the system investigated as soon as you can. The solenoid may have failed.
I have a 2007 chrysler 300 that I can not get out or park I found the pink over ride button I put the car on while push the button in I tryed moving the gear out of park but that did not work I have break lights It just want get out of park whats wrong?
I have a 98' Grandprix GTP and the first time i couldnt get it out of park i did the screw driver trick until my macanic checked it out and a wire had been chewed by a rodent of some sort... after replacing that wire it worked fine
I have a 2009 Nissan Sentra and my husband was stuck at the grocery store for this same problem. I read him your instructions and IT WORKED!!! You saved us $$$, thank YOU!
dear genius,

I just got my car out of park with your lovely post! thank you so much.. now, I can't do this all the time can I? what is wrong with my car ? (mazda pro5) Now I can pick my son up from school without being scared of getting stuck there! I HOPE.
I used to have this problem with my 1998 Mustang. I took it to Pep Boys and they said it was a fault in the safety feature that doesn't let you take it out of park unless the brake pedal is depressed.

Apparently my car didnt think i had my foot on the brake even though I did. I gave them permission to remove the safety feature entirely and this fixed the problem.
same thing happened to my 2006 corolla. found out it was a blown fuse.

things to consider:
-sensor on brake pedal
-sensor on key ignition switch
-fuses to those sensors.
Most likely it is the brake sensor under your pedal no hard to replace at all or it could be a wire that broke off the sensor so the car thinks that the brakes are not pressed down so it will not let your car go to park how do you know if this is what the problem is have someone hold down your brake pedal and see if your tail lights work
My Brake lights does not work, and I have to keep pushing the brake pedal down back and forth and it will finally kick in. But my brake lights still dont work.
HEY, I just purchased a used 1996 nissan sentra 4 door sadan. A medium to small car.. The fellow I bought it from told me of it having this same problem..he said he wiggled it bounced on the seat repeatedly shaking the shifter and sooner or later it will come out of park! Anyway when it stuck in park on me the next day..I rattled and shook it, but, no go... so I sat and thought about it and I then spotted the small writing above the park "p" on the shift plate console surrounding the said, "shift lock." So now I knew there lied the problem..somehow I had gone beyond park into lock as I thought about it I reached up and turned off my ignition....! Then I thought, ok... now I will see if it would move, and boom it came right out of park! So I started putting it into park to restart it, but the more logical half of my brain cringed at the thought of it sticking again, so knowing well that an automatic transmission can be started in park, or neutral, I put it in neutral, and it started now before I try to start the car I just automatically put it into neutral before turning on the ignition. I Have since had it do the same thing so to make sure it was a workable method I tried it several times to make sure my fix was not a fluke..of I have tried it many times since when it locks up and my fix works like a charm every time...Now For the most part it will start in park and go into reverse or drive most of the time without a problem...but if it locks up, I just turn off the key, move the shifter into neutral, start it up, and be on my way. It runs like a top and has not been a proplem screw driver, no bouncing, and wiggling of the shifter! It is a great little car..I love it! SO IF YOU WANT A SIMPLER SOLUTION I BELIEVE, THAT IS HOW ONE OVERRIDES THE SHIFT LOCK....
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