Q: Shift Linkage Problems? Can't Remove Key. on 1993 Acura Integra

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Only during the colder months, my key remains locked in the ignition & the Park indicator light does not illuminate. I have to wait about 5 minutes for the Park indicator to illuminate, which then allows me to remove the key. According to a Honda blog it could be a shift linkage problem. It’s a recall item on some types of Hondas. Why is this not a recall item on 1993 Integras? Any Ideas to fix the problem?

I've already WD40 the key & ignition and the Acura Dealer made a new factory key. Both without success.

Again, key removal is fine during warmer seasons.
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The shift lock solinoid is at the shift level itself under the center console. With the ignition key on when you put your foot on the brake you should hear a clicking each time you press the brake from the center console. Maybe disassemble the center console and see that dust, dirt or spilled soda or coffee has not gummed up the linkage or solenoid.
I found from another blog that the slider and the electrical contacts in the center console needed to be regreased (bulb grease) & electronic contacts to be cleaned from oxidation. Now it works fine. Thanks for the suggestion of a cleaning issue & not a replacement issue.